Sunday, December 27, 2009

Celebrity Sighting

On an elevator at Ben Gurion Airport, I notice a really nice hardshell guitar case sitting atop a luggage cart. As someone with a personal interest in guitar cases that can withstand air travel (my 45 year old Gibson is tired of being left home alone), I was focused entirely on the case. I say to Liz, that's a really nice guitar case. It's owner, tall guy, gray hair, about my age, says, thank you.

So I ask him if he puts it into luggage or carries it on. He says it works both ways. And then Liz says, do you know who this is? It's David Broza. I took my short little span of attention off the guitar case and really looked at it's owner and, sure enough, it was David Broza (internationally known Israeli singer, songwriter who speaks American English due to living in New Jersey for a nuymber of years and who currently plays a very expensive, probably custom made, Spanish guitar, which was no doubt inside the case).

The elevator stops, the doors open, I almost get off on the wrong floor (Liz stops me). David Broza is rolling his luggage cart out and I, feeling like a total idiot, manage to stammer, love your work. And he says thanks, again, and goes off into the terminal, followed closely by a strikingly beautiful woman rolling her luggage cart. Its good to be a guitar hero.

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