Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Is How You Live In Israel - Part 2

Keren called us Thursday night from her parents' home in Rishon. The Army gave her time off but is requiring that she keep her cell phone on and stay within two hours traveling time of her base. Meanwhile, her classes at Hebrew University are still in session and she has to try to keep up by internet. The Professors are posting lecture notes, readings and assignments and giving the students who have been called up extra time to hand in papers. But finals won't be pushed back and Keren hasn't a clue when she will get back to campus. Since she can be called at any moment she can't put her uniforms in the wash. On the up side she may make it to Tel Aviv this weekend so we (and the boyfriend) will see for ourselves that she's OK.

I said to Keren that here in Tel Aviv you don't know there's a war on unless you turn on the TV. She said that's why Tel Aviv is called "The Bubble."

Daniel, is in the north for more training and, with the rest of his part of the Golani Brigade, waiting to learn whether Hezbollah is really sitting this one out.

Last night (Friday) we went to Jerusalem to have Shabbat dinner with my cousins. Just before dinner Tamar called from her base on the Israeli side of the border where Gaza, Egypt and Israel all meet. She is complaining because they have assigned her to 16 hours of kitchen duty over the weekend. Her mother, Raina, remarks that this is a lot better than guard duty. Raina, a doctor who describes herself as a leftist, has also reached the conclusion that enough is enough and Israel is right to be going after Hamas. She and Zvika are both unhappy about civilians being hurt but see no way to avoid it. Of course, Hamas could stop firing rockets.

Meanwhile, Gal's Dad has decided that I should write more about sports and will be taking me to a more senior club level game. This should be fun and I'll definitely get another blog out of it.

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